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White Collar

Philadelphia White Collar Crime Attorneys

White collar criminal investigations typically involve a number of suspects. Before arrests are made, investigators usually speak with suspects, looking for contradictory statements or claims at odds with what investigators already know. Once arrests are made, prosecutors usually offer plea bargains to certain suspects in order to focus an investigation on the person or persons they are primarily interested in.

In the process, people with little knowledge or responsibility for committing a white collar crime can find themselves implicated in crimes they did not commit. Additionally, when embezzlement or other financial crimes are involved, prosecutors often level additional charges including wire fraud, money laundering, or conspiracy charges. At Vaira & Riley, P.C., we defend professionals and corporate officers charged with white collar crimes in federal or state court. We consult computer experts, forensic accountants, and private investigators in evaluating and challenging the evidence against our client.

Regardless of whether you are under investigation or have already been arrested for a white collar crime, contact Vaira & Riley today to schedule a confidential consultation regarding your case.

Ponzi Schemes, Fraud, and White Collar Crime

State and federal law enforcement have increased investigations into financial fraud in the wake of recent financial scandals and the Madoff affair. In the process, people with little knowledge of or involvement in Ponzi schemes and other forms of fraud may be targeted by investigators who believe they've identified a criminal enterprise. If brought in early, our attorneys may be able to remove you as a target of investigation by answering investigators' questions and helping you cooperate without incriminating yourself.

The Challenges

Clients of Vaira & Riley, P.C., such as politicians, municipal bodies or businesses, often face serious circumstances, such as:

  • Issuance of a grand jury subpoena
  • Notice of a government investigation
  • Tax return audits
  • Negative publicity about alleged fraudulent conduct
  • Notice of pending criminal charges

The Attorneys

Once the threat of criminal charges has arisen, a defense lawyer can prepare aggressively to protect all legal rights of the defendant and fight for the most favorable outcome attainable.

Legal Solutions

Vaira & Riley, P.C. takes the following steps to defend clients charged with white collar crimes:

  • Examine the evidence, which may include large numbers of documents.
  • Seek and find the needle in the haystack.
  • Raise questions and issues; strategize.
  • Determine what to do on behalf of the client to maximize the likelihood of a favorable outcome.
  • Commence negotiations with appropriate government agencies and representatives.
  • Prepare for vigorous defense at trial.
  • Initiate plea bargain negotiations, if appropriate.

Collective Strategizing

Clients of Vaira & Riley, P.C. receive the benefit of multiple experienced attorneys working to defend them during white collar criminal investigations and prosecutions. The attorneys who handle white collar crime defense at the law firm are also experienced in high-stakes civil litigation, and can advise clients about related matters such as:

  • Insurance fraud
  • Qui Tam
  • Commercial litigation
  • Defense contract fraud
  • Wire fraud
  • Mail fraud
  • Embezzlement

With abundant experience and a formidable track record of success in white collar crime defense work, Vaira & Riley, P.C. is the law firm of choice for professionals and companies in need of solid counsel and representation in the face of white collar crime charges. Contact the law firm by phone or e-mail to schedule an initial consultation.