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Commercial Litigation

Commercial Litigation ◦ Philadelphia Attorneys

A breach of contract or violation of federal regulations can cause financial harm to a company. In order to recover damages due to a breach of contract, a business must establish failure on the part of another party and demonstrate actual financial harm suffered as a result. At Vaira & Riley, P.C., our attorneys review real estate deals, performance agreements, licensing agreements, and other business contracts in commercial litigation cases. In order to establish financial harm suffered by our client, we work with experienced accountants who can quantify the financial impact of a breach of contract.

If you or your company has suffered financial harm due to a breach of contract or unfair business practice, contact commercial litigation lawyers at Vaira & Riley today.

Grounds for Commercial Litigation

Vaira & Riley, P.C. represents commercial litigation clients in business disputes including:

  • Breaches of contract
  • Lease disputes
  • Partnership disputes
  • Shareholder Disputes
  • Accounts payable actions

Our Established Successful Track Record in Commercial Litigation Cases

Vaira & Riley, P.C. handles complex commercial litigation in both federal and state courts. The firm's business litigation attorneys have experience with a wide array of commercial issues while representing our clients:

  • A large Chicago law firm and one of its partners named as defendants in an abuse of process law suit based on the firm's prior representation of a securities firm in a fraud action against a lawyer and accountant
  • Another large Chicago law firm that was named as defendant in a legal malpractice claim in Federal Court
  • An Arizona-based medical equipment manufacturer who filed suit against a competitor for disparagement of the client's product in the marketplace
  • A Chicago based construction company involved in a $30 million contract dispute with a government entity
  • An international importing company involved in a U.S. Customs duty dispute
  • A civil RICO action based on executive's purported affiliation with another company
  • A national gas transmission company involved in disputes over the construction of a transnational pipeline
  • A Japanese manufacturer of graphite involved in a federal price-fixing suit
  • Underwriters Laboratories in a suit based on the $100 million fire in the Meridian Office Tower in Philadelphia.

The attorneys of Vaira & Riley, P.C. experience handling these and many other cases involving commercial litigation demonstrate their skill. Contact the law firm to schedule a consultation with an experienced Pennsylvania commercial litigation attorney.