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Eastern District of Pennsylvania Federal Practice Rules Annotated

Vaira & Riley is familiar with the complexities of federal practice in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. Peter Vaira is the author of Eastern District Federal Practice Rules, Annotated, published by Gann Law Books, Newark, New Jersey. The book is the only work that contains an extensive annotation of the local civil and criminal rules of the Eastern District. This book has served as an invaluable reference for local practitioners for many years.

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Corporate Responses to Federal Grand Jury Investigations

Peter Vaira is also the author of Corporate Responses to Federal Grand Jury Investigations, published in the Business Law Monograph Series by Matthew Bender. It gives a thorough review of the federal grand jury process for the Corporate Executives and Corporate Counsel.


New 2006 PA Federal Practice Rules

Gann Law Books issued the new 2006 edition of Pennsylvania Federal Practice Rules Annotated by Peter Vaira. The fully revised version includes complete texts of: Local District Court Rules; Federal Rules of Criminal and Civil Procedure; Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure; Federal Rules of Evidence; and the Third Circuit Court of Appeals Rules. Copies of Mr. Vaira's book can be ordered through the online Product Catalog of Gann Law Books at www.gannlaw.com.

Published Articles

  • Jack L. Gruenstein, Moratorium on Death: A Paradigm for Pennsylvania, The Philadelphia Lawyer, Winter 2003
  • Peter F. Vaira, The Police Arbitration Procedure, A Realistic Appraisal, The Philadelphia Lawyer, Spring 2002
  • Peter F. Vaira, Preventive Management Guide Agents on Your Doorstep: Managing the Government Investigation, Corporation Criminal Liability Reporter, Winter 1998, Vol. 2, No. 1
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  • Peter F. Vaira, Interview of Chairman of South African Free Election Committee, The Legal Intelligence, January 6, 1995
  • Peter F. Vaira, Memo to the New Police Commissioner, The Philadelphia Inquirer, August 21, 1992
  • Peter F. Vaira, To Streamline Federal Criminal Cases, The New York Times, November 11, 1991
  • Peter F. Vaira, Making the Grand Jury Work, Litigation Magazine, Winter 1990

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