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Whistleblower/Qui Tam

Philadelphia Attorneys: Qui Tam Actions

Corporate whistleblowers are eligible to sue on behalf of the government to obtain a share of damages from corporate wrongdoing. To learn more about qui tam actions, contact the law offices of Vaira & Riley, P.C. Likewise, corporate entities such as hospitals are invited to discuss their defense options in a qui tam case. Experienced lawyers of the Vaira & Riley, P.C. represent both plaintiffs and defendants in qui tam matters.

Tenet Healthcare Corporation Landmark Settlement Began with Qui Tam

The landmark $725 million settlement by Tenet Healthcare Corporation, resulting from an agreement with the Justice Department over allegations of Medicare overcharging, was triggered by a qui tam case. Vaira & Riley, P.C. played a key role in providing counsel to parties who detected the scheme and came forward to file a qui tam complaint. We were also involved in similar actions against New Jersey health care provider St. Barnabas Corp., which resulted in a $256 million settlement.

Representative Qui Tam Cases

The firm has represented clients on either side in a number of qui tam lawsuits, including:

  • A national mass mailing company regarding improper mailing practices
  • A chain of nursing homes involving a federal false claim lawsuit
  • Several defense contractors in connection with contract issues
  • A physician practice regarding billing issues

Civil Litigation and Criminal Defense Law Firm in Philadelphia

Vaira & Riley, P.C. is a Philadelphia-based law firm that handles a wide array of civil litigation and white collar criminal defense in federal and state courts. The law firm regularly handles complex civil litigation, white collar criminal defense and qui tam lawsuits against companies and individuals who have defrauded the government.

False Claims

Reporting wrongdoing (such as misconduct or noncompliance) that harms the government is a protected activity. Private individuals with information of false or fraudulent claims that may lead to a qui tam lawsuit are welcome to call or e-mail the law firm. Schedule a consultation with the experienced attorneys at Vaira & Riley, P.C. to discuss a potential qui tam case.