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Representative Cases

Health Care

Vaira & Riley engages in all facets of health care litigation. We have substantial experience responding to search warrants executed at health care provider facilities, dealing with federal criminal and civil investigations, handling responses to HIPAA subpoenas, negotiating with the Departments of Justice and Health and Human Services - Office of Inspector General, and structuring and managing Corporate Integrity Agreements. We strive to avoid criminal and civil consequences to a health care client subjected to federal scrutiny.

Vaira & Riley has represented numerous health care providers in investigations or lawsuits by state and federal governments, including:

  • A large nursing home chain faced with a sophisticated false claim case involving both federal and state authorities. These included the U.S. Attorney's Office, HHS OIG, the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare, and the Pennsylvania Department of Health;

  • A medical doctor of a major hospital health care system in a False Claims Act investigation into billing practices;

  • Numerous health care providers and equipment suppliers in False Claims Act investigations by the federal government;

  • A pharmaceutical sales representative in a grand jury investigation involving the creation of a secondary market for a high priced prescription drug;

  • A physician practice regarding a False Claims Act complaint alleging violations of the False Claims Act in billing practices;

  • A pharmaceutical sales representative in connection with an investigation into diversion of samples of prescription drugs.

White Collar

The firm has a substantial white collar practice separate and distinct from the foregoing areas of civil representations. The firm has represented individuals, corporations, business officials, public figures, and public officials in a wide array of criminal investigations conducted by the federal government:

  • Congressman Joseph McDade, the then highest-ranking Republican Congressman, acquitted after a nine-week trial in federal court on RICO charges;

  • The Executive Vice President of an international company that manufactured railroad equipment indicted for mail fraud;

  • A health care company operating 19 nursing homes, which was the subject of a search warrant executed by over 50 agents at four locations with over a million documents seized;

  • An individual accused of running a $70 million Ponzi scheme;

  • A national railroad common carrier regarding improper storage of asbestos;

  • The Vice President of a medical supply company charged with falsifying documents submitted to Medicare;

  • A public official under investigation for fraudulent billing in his private health care company;

  • A major publishing company in a grand jury investigation involving alleged payments to public officials in St. Louis;

  • A building contractor under investigation for making payments to a college official in order to obtain contracts;

  • A construction company under grand jury investigation for padding costs in a $40 million contract;

  • A high-ranking Democratic member of U.S. Congress regarding allegations of misuse of campaign funds;

  • The government of Republic of South Africa when its agents were accused of violation of the anti-apartheid laws;

  • A high-ranking physician of a major hospital under investigation for allegations of overcharging for medical services;

  • The CEO of a regional commercial dairy company for violations of the milk price regulations;

  • Several key employees of nationwide manufacturing company for possible theft of trade secrets from competitors;

  • International fruit importing company in a federal investigation regarding duty on imports;

  • A key employee of national railroad company in a tax/bribe investigation;

  • A large international energy company in a federal investigation into a thirteen company joint venture natural gas pipeline system in connection with EPA, false statement, and kickback allegations;

  • The CEO of regional insurance adjustment company accused of theft of $3 million from an insurance company client;

  • The CEO of regional milk processor in dilution/false claim matter involving in excess of $2 million; sentenced to probation following non 5K1.1 departure basis;

  • A Chicago-based executive of a national freight railroad company accused of accepting bribes/kickbacks;

  • Several SEC criminal related investigations into insider trading.