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Insurance Fraud

Philadelphia Insurance Fraud Attorneys

Insurance fraud occurs when someone submits a false claim to obtain benefits. A property owner may commit arson in order to submit a fire loss claim, for example. Trucking companies submit false damages claims. Small businesses exaggerate legitimate claims by adding fictitious losses. Companies and individuals who face charges of insurance fraud in Pennsylvania or elsewhere are urged to contact Vaira & Riley, P.C. to schedule a consultation.

Assessing the Facts and Circumstances

Vaira & Riley, P.C. represents individuals or companies who have been accused of falsifying claims. As with all legal matters, a thorough review of the facts is the starting point for civil or criminal defense against insurance fraud allegations. With a thorough understanding of the circumstances, a skilled defense attorney can challenge false, exaggerated or unfounded accusations.

Open-Minded Legal Analysis of False Claims Matters

At Vaira and Riley, our insurance fraud attorneys undertake a detailed analysis of relevant statutes and the cases that provide the legal precedents for the issue at hand. Intense effort provides the foundation for defense of every client's best interests. Sometimes hundreds of thousands of documents must be reviewed to gain a full understanding of the case and best serve our clients.

Investigative Support

As each individual case demands, the attorneys at Vaira & Riley, P.C. work with some of the finest investigators available, including former FBI and IRS agents and highly skilled IT professionals who are well qualified to find the "$3 bill" that will prove pivotal in defending the accused.

Directly Involved Lawyers

Vaira & Riley, P.C. provides hands-on legal services throughout all phases of an investigation and during the preparation of compelling defense arguments. Direct involvement with key people, and clear-headed assessment of all documents and facts are essential to being ready for trial — always a possibility in a strong insurance fraud case. Contact the law firm by phone or e-mail.