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Local Counsel / Co-Counsel

Philadelphia Local Counsel Attorneys

Law firms and general counsel from outside Pennsylvania who are facing the prospects of litigation in the federal or state courts of Pennsylvania need experienced local representation. The federal courts require hiring an associate local counsel for any litigation. The state courts require that only a Pennsylvania lawyer be the counsel of record. Philadelphia and each of the five surrounding counties has its own local rules of procedure. Attorneys representing clients in state or federal court in Pennsylvania can avoid unnecessary complications and delays in working with a team of local attorneys who understand the local rules of procedure governing the state and federal courts of Pennsylvania and are familiar with the local courts.

Vaira & Riley has served as local, general, and co-counsel for numerous firms from various states, including firms from California, Oregon, Washington, Illinois, New York, The District of Columbia, Virginia, North Carolina, Florida, and Texas. These include some of the largest law firms in the country.

We have a great deal of experience with the complex local rules of practice and procedure. Our attorneys maintain current knowledge of additions and changes in rules of practice and procedure that impact evidence, motions, filings, and appeals. Peter Vaira is the author of Eastern District Federal Practice Rules Annotated, published by Gann Law Books, revised annually since 1997. Mr. Vaira's book deals extensively and exclusively with Eastern District of Pennsylvania local federal practice. Additionally, our attorneys are regularly involved with complex county rules of procedure.

Local and Co-Counsel: Our Experience

We have acted as local or co-counsel in cases involving commercial fraud, antitrust, trade secrets, health care fraud, employment discrimination, employment contract disputes among others, on both civil and criminal cases.

Vaira & Riley can advise and guide your firm through litigation with direct, hands-on understanding. Our experience in Pennsylvania's state and federal courts also provides our attorneys with a unique perspective on the preferences and temperaments of judges - information and guidance not available in any rule book or practice guide.

For more information regarding our local, general, and co-counsel services, contact the law office of Vaira & Riley today.